Workshops and Trainings: How to facilitate ministry with and for persons with disabilities

Workshops and Training: How to facilitate ministry with and for persons with disabilities. Contact Mary to discuss training for your leadership and volunteers.  

RHSA Events 2024

Take a look at the calender for the RHSA events and support groups, March – December 2024.     MARCH             […]

Team Turbo does 10th CT Cycle Tour on 10 March: Partner with David to raise funds for hampers

Brett Chilcott and David Klinkradt take to the the roads of the Cape Peninsula as they cycle their 10th Cape Town Cycle Tour together on Sunday […]

Champions for Change

David, as a young boy with Down syndrome and autism, was given the opportunity to cycle as part of a buggy team 8 years ago. It […]

International Children’s Peace Prize: 2020 Nominees

Our Founder, Ashlyn Klinkradt, has been nominated for the 2020 International Children’s Peace Prize for her work with the differently abled community in South Africa. To […]

CORE club

Collectively Offering Real Engagement! There are many ways to make a genuine difference in the life of the people around us, we are planning the launch […]