Our CORE club - Collectively Offering Real Encouragement - is looking for Pledge Partners.

What's a Pledge Partner? Well, it could be you!
It's someone who is willing to pay either as a once-off donation or as a regular donor so that a real encouragement can be given to those who need it.

What difference can it make?

R50 per month - gives a family a Hamper of Hope 4 times a year.
R50 per month - allows a child with disabilities to have a new experience or opportunity once a month
R250 per month - gives a family the opportunity to receive regular counselling

We've set up three buttons.

The first will take you through to our partners at Netcash, where you can arrange a single donation.
The second will take you to Netcash's online Direct Debit mandate.
The third will download our mandate form, which can be printed, completed and returned to us to organise a regular, monthly donation.

This means that you can choose a method of payment that suits you most and each one will help someone who needs it!

Donate now